Firefly eSUP Drive Package

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#motorized SUP, #eSUP, #electric SUP.

Firefly eSUP Drive Package

Already have a standup paddle board?  Great, have us install a Firefly drive on your board. The package includes battery, motor, wireless controller, charger and a Firefly drive fitting installed on your board. The motor easily rigs and derigs so you can use your board with or without the motor. 

We offer free installation of the Firefly  drive fitting in your board. Please plan on having your board in our shop for two weeks for installation.

#motorized SUP, #eSUP, #electric SUP

New and used eSUPs

We also sell new and used Firefly eSUP rigs at great prices. Call to see what's available at (360) 739-7512. 

FIREFLY Drive Fitting


Motor shaft slides through a watertight  fitting in your board.


Motor shaft held in place by a pin that sets into the adapter plate.  


Wireless speed control conveniently located on your wrist.


Battery is secured in place with Velcro. Bungees add extra security in rough water. 


Adapter plate can be adjusted to fine-tune direction. Regular-footers like a slight adjustment to starboard while goofy-footers to port.


Firefly fitting has a clean, flush look on the bottom of your board