Firefly SUP Drive Features

Fast Powerful Motor

Our 300 watt motor generates an amazing amount of power for its size to keep you zipping right along at a steady 5+ mph. This makes for an exciting ride and a board that is playful during turns and maneuvers.  

Great Board Handling

Great board handling on the water is our signature advantage. Our exclusive forward-mounted drive keeps the board balanced, minimizes swing weight and leaves the fin in place for carving turns.  

Quick Connect Rigging

Our quick and easy rigging gets you on the water in minutes. Install the motor with a single push pin, connection the battery you're ready to ride. 

Advanced Electronics

Our advanced electronics include an LED display for battery charge, wireless speed control and an automatic shut off system for safety. 

Clean and Quiet

Our electric drive provides silent propulsion with no air or water pollution. All you'll hear is the gentle sound of water splashing on the bow.  

Super Fun

Combining advanced propulsion technology with our proprietary forward-mounted drive, we give you a superior eSUP experience. At Firefly we make eSUP happen.