Convert your board into a Firefly eSUP

Already have a standup paddle board? Great, have us install a Firefly drive. We've converted lots of boards into Firefly eSUPs and know how to do it right.

Please contact Firefly directly or your nearest Firefly dealer for details. 

$1,299  Firefly Drive Package

The Firefly Drive Package includes battery, motor, wireless controller, charger and drive fitting for your board. We offer free installation to customers in the Pacific Northwest. Board pickup and delivery is also offered for free or at a nominal fee depending on timing and location. Fitting installation is done professionally by Firefly SUP Drives in Mount Vernon, Washington. Please plan on having your board at our shop for two weeks during installation. 

Individual Components

We also sell individual components. Add an extra battery to your eSUP, keep an extra charger at the boat house, or build out a second eSUP board.

$625 Battery

$495  Motor 

$95  Wireless Controller

$95  Charger

$95  DIY Firefly Drive Fitting Kit

Do It Yourselfers (DIY), please watch our board fitting installation instructions on YouTube.


Firefly Drive Package


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