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Firefly gave new life to my old paddle board. As a surfer, I really appreciate the great balance and awesome handling. My board turns on a dime and zips right along. 

- Keoki S., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

You should have seen me ripping through the swells and strong headwind. Then in my protected cove I worked on dodging mooring buoys which I got very good at. I had a smile ear to ear!

- Patrick L., Charlestown, Rhode Island

Riding with my Firefly drive is very Zen because its so smooth and quiet. Love it for wildlife viewing as I can get in close without moving or making a sound. 

- David R., Olympia, Washington

Thanks for making an awesome product and for your excellent customer service. We love our Freeride eSUP.  No need to check the weather, our rig handles it all. Love getting out and cruising around the mountain lakes. 

Stephanie V., Denver, CO 

My board is a kick in the pants to ride. Its super fun to go upwind and then surf downwind with the chop. You've taken paddle boarding to a whole new level. Stoked to get out on the water.

- Scott P., Bellingham, Washington


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